Iphone 5 wechseln

iphone 5 wechseln

Das iPhone 5 ist deutlich älter als zwei Jahre, der Akku deshalb nicht mehr bei voller Stärke. So tauschen Sie ihn selbst aus. Tutorial: So wechselt ihr das Display beim iPhone 5! (Inhaltsverzeichnis siehe unten!) ➽ Reparaturset. Preisgestaltung für die iPhone-Bildschirmreparatur, den Batterie-Austausch, Reparaturen Preise für iPhone-Serviceleistungen iPhone 5, ,10 €, , 10 €. I replaced battery a few weeks ago and it seemed no need to disconnect the screen as well. Presse die Scheibe nun vorsichtig in Richtung Homebutton an, bis sie richtig im Rahmen liegt Siehe Bild 3. This will avoid applying force against the logic board and potentially breaking something. Pinzette Um die Schrauben und diverse Kleinteile aus dem Gerät zu entfernen, empfehlen wir eine Pinzette. And thanks to the note claiming that if it's disconnected, if you might just get a black screen, you're left with having to disassemble the entire unit again, without knowing if it's powered off since you presumably tried to power on. Try using the hair dryer before prying too much would be my recommendation. Vorteile des CHIP-Installers Malware-Schutz informiert Sie, falls ihr Download unerwünschte Zusatzsoftware installiert hat. Carol White - Adds a small element difficulty, but helps prevent all the issues others are having when reconnecting the screen. I started from the bottom instead and the bottom ended up secure, but not the top. Mark Luscher -

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Du kannst den Akku auch von der anderen Seite anheben. Anheben des Displays Schritt 2. Insert a thin prying tool between the black or white plastic display frame, and the metal phone case, to lift the frame assembly out of the phone body. I did it wrong and ended up removing the glass but there was a metal case covering the inside. Ian Campbell - Patricia Young - Other than that bracket being a pain to screw back in due to the short cables, everything seems fine. If others have this problem like I did too when first changing the batter. Make sure the connector snaps into place! Juan Fernando Escamilla - Then I simply held the phone open with one hand, making sure the front glass never went back more than about 80 degrees no need to stretch it all the way to 90 degrees , and used my other hand to work the spudger around the battery, making sure not to touch any delicate electronics in the area. They look like a tiny-tiny silver cylinders and you would need a microscope to actually be able to distinguish them.

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